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AIC Europe BV in Weert, is part of AIC S.A. in Poland, founded in 2001. They have quickly grown into a specialist in the design, engineering and manufacture of stainless steel and titanium heat exchangers. AIC Europe BV grows rapidly with subsidiaries all over Europe. With over 900 employees and 3 production sites in Poland, AIC is at the forefront of advanced heat transfer solutions. With proven design products, and a “no compromise on quality” attitude and automated production processes, they are able to carry out the most complex and technologically advanced projects. The current focus of AIC is condensation technology and renewable energies. AIC has managed to establish itself as experts in this field with hundreds of thousands of condensing heat exchangers and boilers currently working in the field. AIC uses most advanced design and manufacturing techniques – from CAD/CAM and 3D design systems, vacuum soldering, CNC machining to automated TIG and laser welding systems. Characteristic of AIC’s systems are significant cost savings, high quality and shorter product development times. The quality objectives are aimed at fulfilling customer expectations, staff satisfaction and pursuing the latest technologies. Enthusiast about working in this team? In Weert, we are looking for fulltime.



You have a central position in the logistic flows between our European subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Italy, France and the UK and our direct customers. You will be processing their order intake and support the transport planning and the communication around this. As a key player between these subsidiaries, you will be processing orders between the OEM’s and AIC SA, achieve optimal safety stock positions and of course ensure that the ERP-system is up to date about the planning in these flows. You will be checking and registrating incoming consignment notes and orders, customs documents and purchase invoices and drawing up price lists for the benefit of customers/buyers. Of course, you will call to action when something seems to go wrong or products are delayed.



is a responsible and central position between our European offices and the logistic flows of boilers and spare parts. You will meet our international partners as well as our partners in logistics and ICT from the AIC SA Headquarters. You are able to deal with this central position, using different languages and you always keep cool and will be setting the right priorities. You are accurate in keeping track of the right administration of your logistic moves and the communication with the logistic partners is refreshing for them because you have your priorities straight and your work done in time. You will be managing the team responsible for the warehouse and spare parts.



Bottom line is that you have a Logistics/Supply Chain background on a Master-level and added to that, relevant working experience in an international setting, preferably in the Netherlands. You have excellent language skills: Dutch and English language spoken & written and Polish or German are a nice bonus. Also, you have up-to-date skills in and experience with ERP systems and MS Office. You know how to set the right priorities for you and your team.



Please sent your resume to imke@linkxhr.nl. LINKX HR support AIC in this recruitment procedure. Mrs. Segers is also available for more information about this position + 31 6 513 68465. Also you can read more on www.myaic.eu


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